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Theres no such thing as too many schnauzers!

Just a bit of who I am, what I do and what I believe in.....

    I would first like to introduce name is Jennifer and I am a huge animal lover of all kinds, but ever since seeing my first Schnauzer as a little girl, I have always known they were a special breed. 

     From mini's to giants. It didn't matter to me. Their unique look from the grumpy and sassy raccoon characteristics of the salt and peppers to the big teddy bear paws of the blacks. Fun, smart, incredibly loyal, lap dog, talkative and full of personality....all the traits I wanted in a best friend! To my family and I, they truly are the epitome of a perfect dog. 

      I was lead to believe growing up they were primarily for show and they weren't "ideal" family pets.


Luckily the world has changed and I have come to see many families having schnauzers as their fur babies. This is also why I breed them. I truly believe with all my heart that these dogs are amazing with children as well as elderly. They get along as a single lap dog or as a multiple pack and still show as much affection. They don't shed, so great for those with allergies although they do require grooming. 

     I decided to begin focusing my time and life to these beautiful creatures. I give them my all.  I go above and beyond to make sure DNA, Pedigrees, health checks, nutrition, standards, council and breeder association requirements are all up to par. They live in our home as pets, sleep on my bed with me (yes all 3). They go camping in our caravan with us and yes they even have their own bunk! I have a separate bedroom strictly set up for whelping where I sleep as well for a month with the birthing and feeding mum.  I am a small micro breeder and I do it for the love of the breed so I can offer you a healthy, smart, happy, and well socialized mini schnauzer from one family to another. 

     I am currently doing multiple courses to further my knowledge in all aspects of breeding and animal care in general. I am not out to be the biggest, I am doing it because of the love I have for the animal. I also believe you can never stop learning. I am grateful for schnauzers every single day. 

Any questions at all, please feel free to ask. I love to talk about them!

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